Switching on and off capslock led according to the keyboard layout
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This project is to show your keyboard layout switching with CapsLock LED indicator.


Change the path to your project into

  1. daemons/gnome-kb-layout-watcher.service
  2. daemons/kb-layout-signal-watcher.service

There are two systemd daemons: one is running from user, the other one as root.

User's daemon is aimed to determine the current keyboard layout and tell it to root's daemon

> systemctl --user enable /%FULL_PATH_TO%/daemons/gnome-kb-layout-watcher.service
> systemctl --user start gnome-kb-layout-watcher.service

Root's daemon is aimed to set up the CapsLock LED indicator according of user's daemon data

> sudo cp /%FULL_PATH_TO/daemons/kb-layout-signal-watcher.service /etc/systemd/system/kb-layout-signal-watcher.service
> sudo systemctl enable kb-layout-signal-watcher.service
> sudo start kb-layout-signal-watcher.service