My EMACS configuration
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My EMACS configuration

Key bindings:

in progress


  1. C-g C-g - cancel any operation
  2. C-x C-s - save current buffer to file
  3. C-c C-f - open file in current buffer (a new file can be created if absent)
  4. C-x C-x - close emacs


  1. S-LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN - selec region
  2. C-SPACE - start region selecting
  3. C-g - cancel region selecting
  4. M-w - copy region into clipboard
  5. C-w - copy region into clipboard with removing it
  6. C-y/S-INSERT - paste clipboard under cursor position


  1. C-x 1 - single layout
  2. C-x 2 - vertical layout
  3. C-x 3 - horizontal layout
  4. C-x o - switch to the next buffer in layout
  5. C-x 0 - hide current buffer from layout


  1. C-x b - select next buffer to change to
  2. C-x C-b - select next buffer to change to in separate buffer (opens separate layout with opened buffers with full description)
  3. C-x C-k - kill current buffer
  4. C-x k - kill buffer with prompting


  1. C-c d - insert current datetime in format: %F %T eq %Y-%M-%d %h:%m:%s
  2. C-c C-c d - insert current datetime with format propmting


More keybindings


  1. <s+Ent - insert code block

Structure editing

  1. M-RET - insert new heading/item at current level
  2. C-RET - insert new heading after subtree
  3. M-S-RET - insert new TODO entry/checkbox item
  4. C-S-RET - insert TODO entry/ckbx after subtree
  5. C-c - - turn (head)line into item, cycle item type
  6. C-c * - turn item/line into headline
  7. M-LEFT/RIGHT - promote/demote heading
  8. M-S-LEFT/RIGHT - promote/demote current subtree
  9. M-S-UP/DOWN - move subtree/list item up/down


Creating a table
  1. C-c | - convert region to table
  2. C-3 C-c | - separator at least 3 spaces
Managing tables
  1. C-c C-c - re-align the table without moving the cursor
  2. TAB - re-align the table, move to next field
  3. S-TAB - move to previous field
  4. RET - re-align the table, move to next row
  5. M-a/e - move to beginning/end of field
  6. M-LEFT/RIGHT - move the current column left/right
  7. M-S-LEFT - kill the current column
  8. M-S-RIGHT - insert new column to left of cursor position
  9. M-UP/DOWN - move the current row up/down
  10. M-S-UP - kill the current row or horizontal line
  11. M-S-DOWN - insert new row above the current row


There is a possibility to compare two regions.

  1. Select first region
  2. C-c C-d s - start diff
  3. Select second region
  4. C-c C-d e - end diff -> it shows a diff of two regions selected before in separate buffer

You can easily abort diff with C-c C-d x


OS Shell

  1. M-x shell opens OS shell in separate buffer to run system commands interactivelly
  2. M-x term opens OS shell in separate buffer to run system commands interactivelly with full terminal emulation